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The amount of figure and contrasting color in cocobolo varies widely from tree to tree and within each tree.

The appearance of the grain varies considerably depending on how the log is cut. There are two common grain configurations:
Quartersawn and Slabsawn.




For an example of Quartersawn see photograph at left. For Slabsawn see photograph below left. We can supply lumber either way. Be sure to state which of the two configurations you desire on the major face. For example, if you request quartersawn on a piece of 2"X4"X24", the 4" surface will be quartersawn. 



We offer two grades of Cocobolo. (dalbergia retusa).

AA Medium Grade
Clear (meaning no ugly knots, insect holes or other imperfections), planed on all 4 sides. Medium figure with medium contrasting colors.

AAA Exhibition grade.
Clear, planed on all sides. High figure with distinct contrasting colors.


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