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Cocobolo Supply Company is engaged in processing and marketing exhibition AAA grade cocobolo wood to artisans, crafts people and manufacturers who appreciate the fact that cocobolo is the most beautiful exotic tropical hardwood in existence. 

Cocobolo is also known as Rosewood, it's botanical name is "dalbergia retusa".  Dalbergia Retusa grows from Southern Mexico through Central America into Panama.

One of the hardest & most dense woods on the planet, cocobolo comes in a variety of colors, rich reddish burgundy's, all the hues of brown to bright orange. These background colors are contrasted with defined striped figure in light brown through to distinctly thick black.


These days, cocobolo is becoming so rare, that little of it reaches the world market.  All cocobolo sourced by Cocobolo Supply Company is certified by local authorities in the pertinent regional jurisdictions. 

Most of our cocobolo is harvested from an area called Tola in the Pacific hills of Nicaragua in Central America.  The rocky dry terrain produces a slower growth tree with tighter grain patterns, somewhat unique to this region.

Cocobolo can be finished to arrive at a rich satin sheen with zero open pores. Its exotic finish, excellent working characteristics and denseness make it a favorite with artisans and fine furniture makers.

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